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The Perils of In-laws

by smeneshi - Dec 15, 2016 You’ve worked hard and have accumulated assets that will benefit the next generation, namely your kids and grandkids. Throughout this perilous journey, you taught your kids the value of a dollar and your mind is Continue Reading ?

Will You Benefit From Trump’s Tax Plan?

by smeneshi - Nov 22, 2016 With the presedential election of Donald Trump and the Republicans in control of both the House and Senate, reforming the tax code will likely be one of the top priorities for the Trump administration.  While Continue Reading ?

The Importance of a Living Will

by smeneshi - Oct 03, 2016 Some of the most important medical decisions affecting your treatment and care are made in the final weeks, months or years of your life.  Unfortunately, so few of us ever think about or act upon how Continue Reading ?

The Public Sector’s Tax Trap

by smeneshi - Aug 24, 2016 Having a guaranteed pension and sizable retirement plan may give you peace of mind during your retirement years, but will your income and withdrawals bump you into a higher tax bracket?  The answer could be Continue Reading ?

Death and [Illinois] Taxes

by smeneshi - Jul 27, 2016 According to Benjamin Franklin, the only two things you can be certain of in life are death and taxes; I’m fairly certain this will not be changing anytime soon. In the state of Illinois, higher Continue Reading ?

POA – Who Needs It?

by smeneshi - Jun 02, 2016 The Case for a Power of Attorney   If you’ve been admitted to the hospital in the last few years or changed doctors, you were likely asked to complete a number of forms.  One of Continue Reading ?

Prince’s $75 million haircut

by smeneshi - May 02, 2016 Not So Happily Ever After: A Cautionary Prince’s Tale As tributes continue to pour in for Prince – the musical artist who passed away unexpectedly in April at his Minnesota home – the more mundane Continue Reading ?

Build That Wall!

by smeneshi - Mar 30, 2016 Up to this point, the 2016 presidential election race has been quite contentious and with eight months left before the final ballots are cast, I’m sure there will be more fireworks ahead.   Donald Trump Continue Reading ?

April 29 Deadline to “File and Suspend”

by smeneshi - Mar 02, 2016 The Social Security Administration issued an emergency message recently clarifying new rules in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 that eliminate the lucrative (yet vastly under-used) “file-and-suspend” claiming strategy. Anyone who will be at least Continue Reading ?

Lecture: Planning for Long-Term Care

by smeneshi - Feb 18, 2016 Long-Term Care affordability is a major concern for most Baby Boomers (for good reason).  I will be presenting a lecture at the LaGrange Park Public Library this Saturday (February 20) from 10:30AM – noon to Continue Reading ?

Living the “Just in Case” Retirement?

by smeneshi - Feb 03, 2016 If you stop for a minute and think about what the worst part of running out of money actually is, what do you think it would be? Do you think deep depression would hit you Continue Reading ?